Welcome to Geomac

Geomac Solution Pvt. Ltd. (GSPL) is consultancy house of Geo, Environmental science and Instrumentation professionals providing world class consultancy and solutions in the field of Earth, Environmental and Agricultural Sector. We Strongly believe that our success lies in our client's success. Thus the group comprises an agglomeration of Geologiests, Hydrologists, Mining Engineers, Environmental Scientists, Chemists, Analytical Instrument Experts, GIS Experts and Sociologists having vast experiences in Executing & Managing projects in respective fields with International Exposures. We are flexible, agile, world class, cost effective solutions company which has the capability to offer a complete range of project management services right from target generation of preparation fo feasibility studies. Our synergy of expertise in diverse fields makes us unique in providing solutions to our customers.

Our Value Proposition

Services Spectrum

Our Geologists, Engineers, Environmentalists and analysts have multi-commodity global experience in the entire value spectrum of the Mineral, Environmental, Agro & Analytical Industry – from conceptual to detailed exploration to feasibility, development and life of mine services


Our observations have integrity. Our risk analysis is based on valid data and sound science. We strive to provide deliverables to certified world class standards and quality. Our deliverables are reliable, auditable and bankable

Unlocking Values

We help to "Extract" and create value from your project. We "Envision" the big picture, while carrying in-depth assessments. Your "Experience" matters to us - while our globally experienced specialists manage your project

Cost Effectiveness

We believe in providing cost effective services without cutting corners. Our projects are stage gated and designed to progress on achievement of milestones and progressive risk mitigation