Our Associates

  • Envirocheck
    for Environmental Pollution monitoring & analysis
  • Pacific Scientific Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
    for Environmental Impact assessment (EIA & EMP) report and environmental clearance.
  • Spectra Geo Services Pvt. Ltd.
    for Ground Geo-Physical Surveyes
  • GEMS Projects Pvt. Ltd.
    for Topographic and DGPS Surveyes.

Our Advisors

  • Dr. S Choudhuri
    Diploma & B.Tech Mines (Orissa School of Mining Engg.) , MTech, IIT, Kharagpur.
    Over 11 years of experience in resource evalution, mine planning & design, Mine Exploration and Competent in GIS Software Packages, like surpac, ArcGIS, Whittle, OSO, QM and Geosoft Target.
  • Dr. B. Narasimha Rao
    MSc.Tech, Geo Physics, Over 35 years of experience in all frontier geophysical survey methods
  • Dr. S.B Chowdhury
    Msc, PhD in Chemistry . Vast Experience in handling Environmental Projects.
  • Mr. D.K. Swain
    BE in surveying, 20 years of experience in topographical survey for Road, Mine and Specialist in DGPS.

Our Associates professionals

  • Dr. H.K. Sahoo
    M.Sc. (Applied Geology), PGD (GIS & RS), Ph.D, B.Tech (Mining), 22 years Experience in preparation of Mining Plan, Scheme of Mining, Pre feasibility report, Mine Clouser Plan Forest Diversion Proposal. EIA and EMP Studies.
  • Dr. M.R. Dash
    Ph.D (Geo Chemistry)from ISM, Dhanbad
    18 years experience in resource findings, Mineexploration, geophysical survey Quality Control, Business Development.
  • Mr.P.K. Patra
    B.Sc. (Chemistry)
    8 years experience in analysis of ores, minerals, soils and environmental data generation
  • Mr. Goutam Sahoo
    M.Sc. (Applied Geology)
    Experience in preparation of Mining Plan, Prospecting report, Prospecting shceme.
  • Mr. Ranjan Kumar Mallick
    M.Sc, AIT, Bangkok
    Sr. Consultant, GIS & RS Work as Team Leader Many Project
  • Dr. N. Rout
    M.Sc. (Ph.D)
    Experience in groundwater geology, watershed management, environment and climate control.
  • Sri. S.B. Rath
    Experience in the field of mine development and mining operation
  • Mr. Santosh Kumar Rout
    M.Sc. (Geology) & PGD (GIS & RS)
    Project Manager GIS & RS
  • Rashmita Sahoo
    M.Sc. Geology,
    Experience in Auto Card & Gis Designing & Map Preparation.
  • Miss M.M. Sahoo
    M.Sc. Geology, Data Manager
  • Rashmi Ranjan Mahanta
    M.Sc. Geology,
    Experience in Servey, Collection of GIS Data & Data Compilation
  • Pramod Kumar Mahanta
    M.Sc. Geology,
    Experience in Field Visit & Mine Planning.